Racing Rules

What Rules Should We Follow in the Race?

Half marathons, tracks and races are activities that keep people fit, remind them that they are alive and increase their energy. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in running, each race has its own rules. There are always points to learn, see and experience in running races. There are rules that will add a plus if it is known from the first moment before entering the race and until the finish line. In order not to encounter any surprises during the race, it is necessary to comply with the information given by Runkara. Since the tracks organized in Runkara can vary, each track has a separate rule. There are rules and health regulations related to the overall event.


There are certain rules in age restrictions. Runners under the age of 18 may participate only if accompanied by a participant over the age of 18. Participants under the age of 18 (over the age of 15) who can participate in selected races must bring their legal guardian's written consent with them when purchasing their starter packs. The contract of the legal guardian of the participants is drawn up separately. Each participant is aware of the risks associated with damage or physical harm while participating in the race and declares that he/she participates in the race of his/her own free will. Participants participate in the race at their own risk. He/she takes full responsibility for his/her physical condition and level of ability to participate. Only one category is allowed per race (combination of race categories is not allowed).


Runkara has maintained certain regulations, taking into account insurances and participant rights. Health insurance for the participants is paid to TAF account by the organization in return for the amount specified in the Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF) “TAF 2022-2023 Activity Season Implementation Instruction - Article 2-2022 Special Competitions Implementation Instruction”.Health expenses that are not covered by the specified insurance belong to the competitor. By registering for Daz Spor, Runkara competitions and events, the competitor accepts this issue. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program, plan, these rules and conditions without prior notice. By its arrangement, “Women” races are open only to women. Only duly registered runners and participants are authorized to participate in the races. The participant must wear the chest number as prescribed, worn flat and attached to the chest. If the chest number is inserted incorrectly, the participant may be immediately dismissed and disqualified from the competition. Participants take personal responsibility for making decisions about their physical preparation and capacity to run that race distance. 

There are race time limits imposed by Runkara and Dazspor. The time limits (it is the first start time given by any means such as starting gun, air horn, bell, siren etc.) and the speed of these limits vary according to individual races. Runners who move slower than the average speed stated for each race may be disqualified from the race by the organizer or any other person charged with doing so. When participants have their starting numbers returned, they may only continue outside the racecourse on the adjacent road. Legislation should be followed for traffic in areas (sidewalks, pedestrian ways, etc.) and on surface roads. The chest number must be visibly positioned on the participant's chest during the race. It cannot be folded or covered. It is strictly forbidden for participants to tamper with the chest number/chip during the race. Turkish Athletics Federation officials are present to inspect the races. The chest number (and chip) is non-transferable; violation will result in disqualification. Participants (individual members of teams) who complete the course are classified into separate age categories for men and women, with prizes for each of these categories. Athletes in the elite start list are not included in the age category awards evaluation. Official time is the time recorded from the sound of gun, horn, siren. Chip duration is the time between the start and the crossing of the finish line. Intermission times and chip duration are purely for the information of the participants. Rankings are determined by the official time at the finish line. Participants have the opportunity to challenge the accuracy of their results within 5 calendar days after the completion of the race. Any objections should be sent to the organizer Runkara's email address. Ranks are recorded as official times at the end of the appeal period. Chips for individual races are disposable. They do not need to be returned. If it is done, the participants of the flag-company race are required to return the chips. The chip can be returned as soon as possible (within 10 days following the race) to the address of the Organizer or the timer provider, at the finish area, at the pick-up points, otherwise the organizer will bear the responsibility to compensate for the damage (to the corresponding value of the chip and costs associated with its recovery). The chip is the property of the company providing the timers and is only temporarily loaned to the participant. Failure to return the chip may result in payment of the purchase value (20 €) of the chip. Participants of the Half Marathon, 10 km, 5 km, family run categories do not need to return the chip. 


Team race running also has rules. All participants of the team must complete the entire course. The order of the relay members listed in the register corresponds to the order at the race submission points. Row and relay members can be changed in the online registration system no later than the Tuesday before the race. Transition members cannot exchange their starting numbers among themselves. You must follow the order of the individual delivery points specified in the application form.The entire race will be disqualified if any of the aforementioned rules are broken. Teams and team standings are determined by adding together everyone's official times. Team competitions are not open to runners classified in the Elite runner category or any other special categories (such as Czech National Champions). The chest number must be acquired personally by each team member, or authorized online by another person. Instead, the person must be issued a formal power of attorney. Relay events fall under a separate set of regulations. Participants in the relay event each run a portion of the distance. Each delivery point must be made in the order listed on the application form. The entire team is disqualified for breaking any of the above rules. Competitors in relay races must exchange in the designated corridor-exchange locations. Officials and referees are required to follow their instruction.


There is a section for special classifications. In the event of execution, only those who satisfy the requirements of the applicable category are given the ability to register for special categories. If an unauthorized registration is discovered, the process for this registration ranges from cancellation without a refund to disqualification from the race. Family-run competitors who do not use timing or rankings are not subject to the aforementioned guidelines.


These regulations, which apply to both the half marathon and competitions in all sports, must be followed. In order to assess the race and EXPO time as a quality and better time, participants are kindly asked to comply by these guidelines. The guidelines were developed to safeguard both the organization's and the participants' rights.

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