General Information

Minimum age for start in races

Half Marathon: 18

10 Km: 18

4.2 Km: 16

Family Run (2.4 km): There is no age limit if participating with an adult.


Races are open to able-bodied runners over the age as above, understood as the runner’s age on race day.

Family runs (non-competitive) are open to all runners. For the purposes of these rules, family runs are also referred to as “race”.

Runners under 18 years of age may only take part when accompanied by a participant over the age of 18 years.

Participants under 18 years (over the age of 15) who are able to take part in selected races must bring along written consent from their legal guardian when collecting their start pack.

Each participant is aware of the risks associated to damage incurred or physical harm sustained when taking part in the race.

Each participant declares to be taking part in the race of his/her own free will.

Each participant takes part in the race at his/her own risk and danger, and assumes full responsibility for the level of his/her physical condition and ability to take part.

Each participant is allowed to participate only in one category of each race (combination of the race categories is not allowed).

Family Run will be on Saturday (October 07). Therefore, anyone who registers for the Family Run can also register for the 4.2 km, 10 km and 21.1 Km. However, a person can only register for one of the 4.2/10/21.1 Km runs.

Health insurance for each participant, Turkish Athletics Federation (hereinafter referred to as TAF) “TAF 2022-2023 Activity Season Implementation Instruction-Article 2-2022 Year Special Competitions Implementation Instruction” ( /09/30/taf-2022-2023-activity-season-application-instruction/) is deposited to TAF account by the organization in return for the specified amount. Health expenses not covered by this insurance belong to the competitor. The competitor accepts this by registering for Dazspor and Runkara competitions and events.

The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme, plan, to these rules and conditions without prior notice.

“Women” races are open to women only.

Only duly registered runners and participants are authorised to take part in races.

The participant must wear their start number in the prescribed manner, i.e. worn flat and attached to the chest. Otherwise s/he may be immediately excluded from participating and disqualified.

The participant is obligated to respect the rules of the Organiser throughout the duration of the race.

The race regulations in the specified place are taken from the decisions and provisions compiled by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), International Marathon and Distance Races Association (AIMS) and Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF).

Participants assume personal responsibility to make decisions about their physical readiness and capacity to run the race distance in question.

The race takes place regardless the weather conditions. Only in the event of extreme conditions (heat waves, freezing cold, storms, etc) is the Organiser authorised to postpone the race start time or cancel the race depending on the situation. In this case, start fees are not returned to participants.

The Organiser doesn’t assume any responsibility for personal injury, damage to property or any other harm incurred from participating in the race or watching it.

All image and sound recordings and portrayals of participants obtained during the race may be used for promotional purposes on behalf of the Organiser or his partners without any claim to remuneration on behalf of the participants.

During events photo and video recordings are made for the needs of the Organizer.

None of the decisions taken by the Organiser are subject to judicial review.

Health Regulations

The competitor is not allowed to participate in the race.


  • if he/she has shown symptoms of a viral infection in the last two weeks before the race (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc.)
  • if he/she was diagnosed with COVID-19 positive in the last week before the race
  • if he/she has (knowingly) encountered a COVID-19 positive person in the last week before the race
  • if he/she has an elevated body temperature (37 °C and higher) before the race


General Rules for RunCzech Mobile Application (Android, iOS)

  • When using our services you are still responsible for any risks associated with your athletic or recreational activities
  • Organisers make no warranties and is not liable for your use of the services
  • Always put personal safety first, follow applicable traffic regulations and do not operate your mobile device when in motion or in potential unsafe areas
  • We may terminate your account if the terms are violated
  • You are responsible for any actions that take place while using your Runners ID account.





  • The Organiser has the right to suspend or close registrations without prior warning.
  • It is only possible to register using the on-line registration form on the website of the Organiser and/ or other areas determined by the Organiser.
  • Registration is considered as valid only once payment has been made, to the amount applicable on the date of payment, credited in full to the account of the organiser, either paid in cash or by card.
  • Payment is understood as crediting the full amount to the account of the Organiser, and confirmed cash or card payment.
  • The registration fee confirmed by the participant in the order is final, non-refundable and may not be transferred to another race. Discounts may not be claimed retrospectively once the order has been confirmed by the participant. Competitors can use the cancellation insurance for participation in the race. Competitors may use the registration transfer for another competitor.
  • Any items and corresponding prices purchased from the additional selection are non-refundable and non-transferrable (even for health reasons).
  • Additional services included in the competition registration fee are as follows:

-Chest number,

-Time measurement service, intermediate transition times measurement,

-Water, drink and food support at the help stations on the track and in the finish area,

-Online certificate containing distance and time information for those who finished within the cut-off limits,

-Memorial medal in Finish,

-Access to the technical area,

-Bag delivery service at Start and Finish,

-Health support at Start, Finish and throughout the course,

-Race-setting rabbit athletes in the half marathon,

-Music and entertainment in the Expo and track area,

-Warm-up activity before the race,

-Possibility to run on the track with AIMS International standard,

-Opportunities, discounts, etc. to be offered by the sponsors and partners to the runners. There are additional services such as taking advantage of the benefits.

  • It is not possible to make subsequent changes to t-shirt sizes ordered.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to limit the sale of additional goods and services (such as t-shirts, medal engravings, massages at the Expo, pasta party).
  • The organizer can publish a so-called waiting list for selected races. Registration on this list does not automatically guarantee the possibility of registration for the race, but only a priority notification of the opening of registrations. Registration is voluntary and the personal data provided here will only be used to inform candidates registered here.

Race and Start Pack

  • Start packs and previously purchased t-shirts may only be collected at the race Expo based on presenting a form of identification (identity card, driver’s licence, passport or any other document issued by an official authority), containing the same details as those entered onto the application form.
  • Start packs may not be sent by post either at an earlier or later date, nor is any other form of delivery acceptable.
  • Any start packs not collected at the Expo may not be collected or claimed at a later date.
  • Each race participant is obligated to adhere to instructions given by the organisers, volunteers and officials, including when summoned to leave the race course and not continue the race.
  • Breach of one or more of the rules indicated (especially in terms of handling the number/chip) or IAAF /TAF rules, may lead to disqualification from the race and being crossed off the result rankings without any compensation.
  • Each participant is obligated to read and respect the important information and rules which the organiser publishes prior to the race on its website
  • The use of skates, bicycles or other transporting devices or hiking poles is strictly prohibited as is any other means employed to shorten the race course.
  • Runners may not allow their accompanying party access to the race course including start and finish areas, home straight and finish line without a start number (i.e. due participant registration to a given race). Otherwise they will be disqualified.
  • Each participant is authorised to write his/her contact details on the back of his/her start number including any medication taken, identified allergies or other important medical issues, should treatment be required.
  • Prize winnings are set separately for each race and published as appropriate on the organiser’s website. Prize winnings are paid out following doping checks. Category winners will be contacted via e-mail by the Organiser. The prizes are not legally reclaimable.


The organizer offers free insurance coverage to the participants in the “TAF 2022-2023 Activity Season Implementation Instructions - Article 2-2022 Special Competitions Implementation Instructions” ( -2023-activity-season-application-instruction/) by depositing the specified amount into TAF account. Health expenses not covered by this insurance belong to the competitor. The competitor accepts this by registering for Dazspor and Runkara competitions and events.

Race Time Limits by Runkara and Dazspor

Time limits (from the gun start!) and the pace for these limits vary according to the individual races:

  • marathon (42,195 km): 7:00 hrs, pace 9:45 min/km
  • half marathon (21,0975 km): 3:00 hrs, pace 7:55 min/km
  • 10 km: 1:30 hrs, pace 8:25 min/km
  • 5 km: 45 mins, pace 8:20 min/km
  • family run: 45 mins, pace 11:00 min/km
  • 12 km: 2:00 hrs, pace 10:00 min / km
  • 22 km: 4:00 hrs, pace 10:54 min / km
  • Runners moving at a slower pace than the average pace indicated for each race may be expelled from the race by the Organiser or any other person entrusted to do so, and on returning their start number, may only continue outside of the race course on adjacent road areas (pavement, pedestrian path, etc) and must move in accordance with legislation for traffic on over-ground roads.
  • The rules indicated below do not apply to family run participants where there is no timing and ranking.



Timing and Results

  • The start number must be visibly positioned on the participant’s chest throughout the duration of the race. It may not be folded or covered. Participants are strictly prohibited from tampering with the start number/ chip throughout the duration of the race.
  • Officials from the Turkish Athletics Federation are present to supervise races.
  • The start number (and chip) is non-transferrable. Violation leads to disqualification.
  • Participants who run the whole course (individuals members of teams) are classified according to the age categories, separately for men and women with bonuses for each of these categories.
  • Athletes listed on the elite field start list are not eligible for age category bonuses.
  • The official time is the time recorded from the moment the gunshot is sounded. The Chip time is the time from running across the start and across the finish line.
  • Split times and the chip time are purely for your own information. The order is determined according to the order at the finish line i.e. according to the official time.
  • Participants have the chance to challenge the accuracy of their result within 5 calendar days of race completion. Any challenges should be sent to the e-mail address of the organiser Following this time, they are recorded as official times.
  • Chips for individual races are disposable. You don't need to return them.
  • Relay participants are required return chip. The chip can be returned at the finish area, handover points, the address of the Organiser or provider of the timer as soon as possible (within 10 days following the race), otherwise s/he assumes responsibility to pay damage on behalf of the Organiser to the corresponding value of the chip and costs associated with its recovery. The chip is the property of the company which provides the timers and is only temporarily loaned to the participant. Failure to return the chip may lead to a charge of the chip’s purchasing value (20 €)
  • Participants of the Half Marathon, 10 km, 5 km, Family Run categories do not need to return the chip.

Team Races

  • All participants of the team run complete the whole course.
  • The order of relay members listed on the registration corresponds to the order at race handover points.
  • The order and relay members may be changed on the on-line registration system, no later than by the Tuesday prior to the race.
  • Relay members may not swap start numbers among themselves.
  • You need to adhere to the order of individual handover points as indicated on the application form.
  • Violation of any of the rules indicated above leads to disqualification of the whole relay!
  • Teams – team ranking is achieved by calculating the official times of all members.
  • No runners listed in the elite runner category or other special categories (such as the Czech National Champions) may take part in team races.
  • Each team member must collect his / her starting number in person, or give another person online authorization to collect start number. Or give him / her official power of attorney.

Relay Races

  • Relay participants run part of the distance.
  • You need to adhere to the order of individual handover points as indicated on the application form.
  • Violation of any of the rules indicated above leads to disqualification of the whole relay!
  • Each team member must collect his / her starting number in person, or give another person online authorization to collect start number. Or give him / her official power of attorney.
  • Relay competitors perform the change in the marked corridor/change areas and follow the instructions of the referee and officials.

Special Categories

Registration into special categories is only given to those who fulfil the conditions for the given category. In the event of a detected unauthorised registration, this registration will be cancelled without compensation and may also lead to disqualification from the race. Backwards inclusion to the cattegory is not possible.