Jw MArriott Konaklama


If you are planning to participate in the Runkara Half Marathon, it is a good idea to choose JW Marriott Hotel for an unforgettable marathon experience. This extraordinary hotel offers you unique opportunities to make your marathon experience unforgettable.

JW Marriott Hotel provides accommodation in comfortable and modern rooms. It offers an accommodation experience that will allow you to relax before and after the marathon in a comfortable atmosphere where you can relieve your tiredness.

By taking advantage of the spa and health services offered by the hotel, you can relax and rejuvenate your body before and after the marathon. Proper nutrition before the marathon is an important part of improving your performance. JW Marriott Hotel's restaurant, where you can try specially prepared energy-filled menus, will help you maximize your performance with proper nutrition before the marathon. Delicious meals prepared with high quality and fresh ingredients are designed to meet your needs.

JW Marriott Hotel, as the official accommodation partner of Runkara Half Marathon, offers you a privileged experience. When you stay at the hotel during the marathon weekend, you have easy access to the marathon events and the start point. You can also benefit from the special advantages and services offered by the hotel.

While participating in the Runkara Half Marathon, you can choose your accommodation at JW Marriott Hotel and enjoy a comfortable accommodation experience and meet your needs before and after the marathon.